Drywall And Plaster

Plaster, tapping and Drywall installation and Repair
Installing or fixing a ceiling or wall is not a simple or easy job. Depending on the maturity of your house, you might have plaster ceilings and walls, or you might have a contemporary drywall construction. In spite of it, this kind of repair job is not a simple task and must be performed by experts. At brixwell contractors, we are not only professional painters and renovators; also we are skilled tappers as well as drywall installer. We will provide an excellent tappers and drywall installer for all kinds of project such as brand new house, office or any renovation.

Every plaster repair condition differs, and methods differ accordingly. In spite of it, we make sure the utmost quality of workmanship, amazing results as well as long term solutions for the task we do. We have the lowest plaster repair fee. Regardless of how small or big the plastic work is, call us we will handle that.

Drywall installation and Repair
A drywall installation and repair service is a bit less complex process opposed to plaster repair, But it must be left to experts. regardless of how small or big is the drywall installation or repair service, our professional team offers seamless integration of old and new drywall installation ,leaving your wall even and flat and ready for coating. brixwell contractors always utilize high quality drywall installation as well as tape, in our drywall installation job as well as make sure that our drywall solution is securely planted into your current structure; this only means that your drywall will avoid cracking or bending in due course. brixwell contractors recommend leaver this job for the experts to get the best and optimal results.

brixwell contractors are guaranteed of fast and accurate drywall and plaster repair services. Our workers have years of experience in this kind of projects. Please contact brixwell contractors to get a free estimate. Drywall installation and tapping is our area of expertise. Contact us now! We are more than willing to help you. We also do all kinds of ceiling styles such as popcorn ceiling, texture ceiling, knockdown ceiling and smooth ceiling.